Congratulations racers!

Runners, we are all so proud of you! Congrats and the biggest possible thank you comes right at you from the Ashburn Area Running Club and the Loudoun Half & 8k organizers. You were all part of a day that was dedicated to runners, to all those who — every day — have to balance family, work and life responsibilities with their dedication to the “benefits” of getting up before daylight, trudging outside in the cold and cranking it up yet again to reach their goals. We know it’s not easy to pull off, and today was a celebration of all of your successes.

For those of you who visited from out of town, we hope you got a good sense of our close-knit running community.

And if you’re from Ashburn or greater Loudoun, you got to celebrate today with all your friends and those close to you in a coming-together that we at AARC hope to make a yearly celebration of Spring, family togetherness and the pursuit of an active lifestyle.

2017 8K Results


2017 Half Results